Warm RoofS

Turn you cold roof into a Warm Roof!

Building regulations (part L) require that you improve your insulation to current standards (a U value 0f .25 for flat roofs) when any work is carried out. We can achieve this by converting your current inefficient and outdated cold roof into a Warm Roof by adding insulation and a vapor barrier above your roof deck which is covered by your new waterproof EPDM membrane. This system is far more efficient and cost effective, cuts the risk of condensation and is considered best practice by building control.

We work with Celotex, the leading supplier of insulation boards. All Celotex boards have zero ozone depletion potential and have recently been independently assessed by the BRE with full “crade to grave” profile taking into account the full lifetime environmental impact, including raw material extraction, manufacture, distribution, in-use performance and disposal.

Celotex offers the most sustainable insulation, with the products achieving the lowest environmental score and lowest carbon footprint! This really does make your flat roof a Green Roof!